July 1st – At Least the World isn’t Lost

1999:  Nostradamus was wrong.  The world still appears to be here, unless it really did end and now we’re all in the twighlight zone.  Mum awoke to find me in her bed again this morning.  Flaming cheek – she slept on my side in the night which confused me in the early hours.  Mum shaved my head this morning which meant I got to jump in her bath to wash off all the itchy hair.   I was feeling a bit grumpy when Mum picked me up from Edons, but soon cheered up once I got home and into my new sandpit.  We went to have a bath while dinner was cooking, but we only managed to wash the sand off my feet and then I wanted out.  We went downstairs and mum left me in the lounge while she popped into the kitchen to sort out tea.  I don’t remember her coming out again 5 minutes later because I was soundo.

2019:  Sounds like Zof and I last night. We left mums at 7 am, with every intention of going to the gym before our late shift, but that’s where that prediction ended. There’s always tomorrow (hopefully not for Nostradamus). After work we took Mums phone to her as she left it at ours yesterday and ,picked up mine that I had left there this morning. We could never deny each other

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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