June 27th – Establishing the Territory

1999:  We went to Nanny and Pa’s, to deliver Pas glasses which he had left at ours yesterday.  We ended up staying for a cooked breakfast and then we set off for the nursery again!  Mums really got the planting bug.  I don’t know why because she has to keep ringing Pa, describing the plant she has come across in our garden and getting advice on whether it should stay or go.  I got distracted in the nursery and wandered off, next I knew mum was running around hysterically shouting for me.  I was only standing by the ice-cream freezer!  Mum bought me a strawberry Cornetto and I ate the lot.  More planting when we got home.  Nanny and Pa called in with a new shell shaped sandpit for me and they showed me how to build sandcastles.  We had a bit of a back to front afternoon with a bath at two followed by tea at 3.30 – lasagne and stir fry which Pa had made and an hour later we had fresh fruit salad – also from Pa.  I have wee’d and pooed all over the place today.  Mummy reckons it’s a bit like having a dog – somehow I don’t think she means it’s because I’m cute and cuddly.

2019: IBD nurse today and feeling confident that things are going to happen now.  Apparently my last appointment got cancelled, I’m still on list for colonoscopy and my barium didn’t go ahead in April as a mystery person rang in and cancelled it! We have discussed the options and I would really like to go for the eight weekly infusions as I know I am more likely to stick to this than sticking myself with a needle every two weeks. She is going to fight my cause but we need all the tests to be done as evidence so now have to wait for barium and colonoscopy appointments again.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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