June 26th – Gardens and Beetles

1999:  Slept in until eight o’clock, although I had been in mums bed at one point but was rapidly put back in mine due to wriggling.  I think mum must’ve been taking assertion classes.  It was a lovely sunny morning, so after a bath we ate marmite sarnies in the garden and I decided to stretch out and have a sunbathe.  Mum sat down for all of five minutes, and then decided we were to do something with the garden.  Two minutes later we were in the car and on our way to three nurseries to buy herbs and compost. Mum spent the day digging and I thought it great fun to keep weeing all over the garden but mum didn’t seem too impressed Well it saves getting the watering can out) Pa came round ad we played some football and Pa fixed my nets up (perhaps Uncle Teddy isn’t such a good handyman after all).  We had chicken fingers and chips for tea which we ate sat on beanbags and watching speedway.    Mum tickled me on the back, which made me laugh and I weed all over the bean bag.  At this point I was marched off to bed – in tears.  She was the one tickling me and making me laugh.  Life is so unfair.  Mum did give me a cuddle though and I fell asleep, with milk, within 5 minutes.

2019:  Facebook feed: 4 years ago Mum dropped Mark, Kiegan and me off in Benidorm for a booze up. We were staying 40 minutes south but wanted to go and see Marks go to holiday place. Mum went to the beaches and we went to the bars. She picked us up several hours later, complete with Benidorm Beetle tattoos. The best bit was watching Mark trying to be brave!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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