June 23rd – Blue Badge for Hidden Illnesses

1999:  Had to have a shower due to someone making a mess in my nappy.  I later wet my trousers at Edons as I was so engrossed in play.  Nany and I took  Bomper shopping and nan  had brought a packed lunch for me.   I chomped my way around the store and also had a pear from Bompers shopping which I helped myself to, but Bomper did say I could have it after I’d taken a bite.  I had a nappy on but as we drove home I told nanny “wee”.  She pulled up in a lay-by and I did a huge wee.  Nanny was very proud, as was mummy when we told her.  We took Bomper home and I fell asleep on the way back to Nan’s and didn’t wake up until mummy came home at half five, and even then it was under protest.  Mummy and I did some exercises to her Madness video until 8.30 when I was put to bed, which I find most unfair considering I only woke up 3 hours ago.  Mum had to put me to bed a few times and at 9.30 she found me in bed proudly saying “look, I made”.  She seemed to join in my pride with the picture but not so with the newly decorated sheets and skin.  Eventually, with milk, I went to sleep at ten.

2019: If only it was wee’s I get desperate to do nowadays! Mum found out the other day that the government are planning to bring out Blue Badges for people with invisible illnesses. Yes. I can pull up and run to the nearest loo with my skeleton key and my Crohn’s card.  Gotta love the Toilet Finder Ap too (although that doesn’t always help with finding actual toilet roll!). Mum reminded me yesterday to find out when my IBD nurse appointment is and then stated she would ring on Monday – she knows me so well.

Follow this link to apply for your Blue Badge in the Uk:


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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