June 21st – What a Gentleman

1999:  We had a slice of Pa’s homemade fruit loaf for breakfast and I took mine to Edons to finish it off.  I really wish Pa would give mum some lessons in home cooking.  Mum came down in a dress this morning (the one with the zip at the back).  She didn’t have to say anything, I said “oh”, jumped up and told mum to sit down so I could reach to do her dress up for her!  I think she was suitably impressed.  I got to reverse the car down the drive this morning but let mum finish the rest of the journey to Edons.  When mum picked me up I insisted on sitting in the back with no seat or booster and mum discovered that the seat belt actually fitted me much better this way and so off we set.  We had finger food for tea – chicken fingers and Alphabites, with ketchup of course.  I got sauce on mums arm and I ran off to get the kitchen roll and wiped it all clean.  Mum is beginning to wonder where all this grovelling is leading!

2019: Glad I got my cooking skills from Pa, although I’ve not quite developed into home baking yet (Unless packet cake counts?!) Last day at work and hapy to get home for the weekend. Had a great evening with Zofs Aunt and Uncle who are staying with my new best friend Esme. Gotta love a kids movie

#toddlers #childhood #adulthhood #homebaking #movies #parents #family #cooking #driving

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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