June 20th – Where’s all the money gone? Oh. That’s Where!

1999:  I gave in – I slept right the way through in my own bed until seven when I awoke full of cheekiness and mischief.  We lay on the settee watching Tubbies and the Lion King.  Mum went up for a nice hot, soapy bath at nine and I let he have a whole two minutes of peace and then I was covering her face with foamy bubbles.  She let some water out and topped it up with cold and in I jumped.  I drew on daddy’s father’s day card while mummy packed my bag and Grandma picked me up at 10.30 to take me to see daddy.  I had a lovely day although I was a bit tired.  I ate a good dinner though and arrived home stuffed and sound asleep.  Apparently mummy put me straight to bed and I slept until ten when I woke up crying and soaked.  Mum changed me and my bed but I wouldn’t settle and ended up spending the night with her.

2019:  One more late shift to go to earn the pennies.  Saw this on Facebook – boohoo.com – just about sums it up.

I get paid, I get skint, borrow money until I next get paid, pay it back and get skint again ………

Having said that most of mine is going on parking tickets. Love the flat but the lack of parking in central Beccles is a nightmare when you live there. I think we have accumulated 7 between us so far

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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