June 14th – Toilet Training with Tigger

1999:  Mummy came running upstairs this morning when, she heard me yelling and screaming and I said “mum, stuck” and she found me with my legs between the bed and the cot side.  I’m so used to waking up in her bed I’d tried swing me legs over the side instead of getting out the end of the bed.  We took my new Action Man bag to Edons which I had to put on my back – despite it being nearly as big as me.   Mum decided to take the last banana to work for her breakfast.  I saw it, said “ankoo” and took it.  How can she resist such sweetness?  I merrily munched it on the way to Edons and for some strange reasons mums’ stomach rumbled all the way.  On the way home tonight the barriers were down at the level crossing.  We sat there for 5 minutes, with baited breath with not a train in sight.  We ended up turning round and going home the long way round.  Not successful day training, I haven’t used the toilet or potty once, opting to do my business in whatever I was wearing.  Tonight mum sat my Tigger water squirter on the toilet, he weed and then asked me to do the same (does she think I’m that daft – it’s a plastic toy for Gods Sake!)  Anyway, I obliged but only because I thought it hysterical to wee on Tiggers head! 

2019:  Great night with Kiegan last night. Proper procrastination done to its finest today in our lovely cosy home. Did housework and shopping though and had dinner waiting for her royalty when she got home from work.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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