May 31st – Getting Into the Rythm

1999:  Whitsun – bank holiday Monday.  But it is Monday so I was up at 6.30 and Mum eventually dragged herself out of bed and all the way to the settee and then fell asleep again!  We went to Asda shopping and mum gave me 50p which I took and ran all the way to the Sesame Street car ride.  I greeted mum 10 seconds later with “gone, car gone”.  Luckily they’d only moved it so I got my two rides.  Later, in the garden, mum heard me suddenly say “ow, mum, flies” and saw me rubbing my neck.  Mum looked and said a wasp had stung me!  We went to the where bands were playing in the bandstand.  After my initial running off I settled down and started dancing with the other girls and boys.  All the girls were dancing around me, dangling their handbags over me.  I’m such a stud!  Which I proved by suddenly grabbing my groin (well the bands do it on the telly!).  It was funny – well it made everyone laugh, but mum decided to stop me at this point, just as I was about to pull my trousers down.  Spoil sport!   Next I impressed some youths by kicking a beer can (which turned out to be half full) across the square and they said “did you see that right kick”.  Mum didn’t seem so impressed though! 

2019:  I think this was the time mum told me that if I was going to dance I had to dance in time to the music and she showed me the rhythm. I know this, because every time I laugh at her dancing, she reminds me of this occasion and that its because of her I can dance. And eat, And walk. And talk. But its thanks to me she knows how to use her phone and anything involving technology!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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