June 1st – I can See Again!

1999: Into bed with mum at five.  I slept through 2 snoozes, which mum kept turning off, and awoke on the 3rd at ten to seven.  Mum went down to get my milk and asked me to stay in bed for the alarm.  What is she doing? Ten minutes later I went down and told her I had turned the snooze off!  That’s what she was doing – Mmm – crumpets and jam.  She’s not a bad mum really.  At Edons today we had a big slide to play on which she said I can have!  I was very excited but this was not the reason I had diarrhoea.  It was bad though and it burnt my entire bum and my bits – trust me, it’s not nice.  I was very tired when mum picked me up as I couldn’t sleep today, but I played in the garden when we got in and got very wet and cold with the shower on the hose.  We went up for a bath at six and afterwards I fell asleep on the settee, trouser less but with milk, where mum left me until seven to get some air to my bum!

2019: One thing about Crohns is you have a regular toddlers bum! Luckily mine was settled today as I had to go into Lowestoft to collect my new glasses. I haven’t worn any since I had to start paying and my recent hospital trip to ophthalmology made me realise just how bad my site is. New glasses on, went to collect Mum, Mark and Kiegan and take them to Stansted and wave them off to Portugal for the football.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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