May 29th _ Potty Training and Bowel Prep

1999: Mum eventually got up after I’d done a poo in my pot.  The things us kids have to do to get our parents out of bed.   We had to go to the gallery and view my photos at Chelmsford  and when we were parked I wanted to do a wee so I had to go in the gutter of the car park.  That was fine until mums sunglasses fell off her head straight into the line of fire!  We saw the photos and it was so difficult to choose one as they were all lovely (not that I’m bias but I do take a good photo), so mum ended up paying an extra thirty quid to buy all the samples as well as one larger one.  She took me to the toilet 3 times when we were out.  But ‘I don’t want to go!’  Well I didn’t.  Not until we got on the electronic foot measurer in Clarks that is.  Oops!  I’m now a size 71/2G but they don’t have any sandals in my size, so I’ll just have to wait.  (What’s wrong with my wellies anyway?  I love em and they look great with my shorts!)  Aunty Eesa looked after me tonight as mum was going to work with Uncle Teddy.  We waved them off with a few tears, but Aunty Eesa told mum I’d be fine once she’d gone.  How does she know my tricks?

2019:  The day I resent the most is here – bowel prep day. Planned to take the gunk and try to sleep most of today to stave off hunger. Then I realised I didn’t have the medicine  but I did have a ticket for the post office as they had not been able o fit something in the post box a few weeks ago. Off I trotted – they’d thrown it out as had apparently gone past their 18 day. Rand the hospital who advised me to drive over and collect more medication. Off I set again only to be told I needed o start it at 7am and they will now have to re-schedule my colonoscopy.  Bums!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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