May 28th – Fund Raising For @crohnsandcolitisuk

1999:  As soon as the alarm went off I ran into mum’s room, turned off the alarm pulled back the covers and said ‘up’ and ‘dink’.  I jumped into mum’s big bubbly bath, got dressed and we set off for Edons.  During lunch Edon went to answer the phone and when she turned round to look at me I had my head back, eyes shut and my mouth wide open – soundo.  Tonight we mowed the grass – me walking next to mum with my plastic mower.  I helped for a little while and then let her get on with it.  Well, in-between the ‘mummy, stop please’.  She had to keep turning of the mower for me to tell her some tale or give her cuddle.  It was good fun!  We cut the front grass too, which was great because I got to ride my bike up and down our drive.  Mum gave me tandoori chicken Masala for tea – which I promptly spat on the lawn.  It’s a bit spicy that mum!  The garlic and coriander naan bread more than made up for it and then mum peeled me an apple and made me a cup of tea.  Mums realised how often she must say ‘what’ because I keep saying ‘mummy’ then saying ‘what’ before she gets the chance to say it!    

2019:  My running top has arrived.  Buzzing to do my mountain Time trail up the second tallest mountain in the UK (Snowden). Hoping to do this in under 4 hours, at the end of July, raising money for @chrohnsandcolitisuk. Please donate whatever you can, lets fight this and be a strong community.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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