May 21st -Crohns stops Play

1999: Mum didn’t arrive home until 6.50a.m. – dirty stop out.  I opened the door and gave her a big hug.  She made up for it by making us all bacon sarnies, something to do with Bacardi Breezers this time.  Makes a change from that Martel bloke I suppose!  Mind you – I could get used to this – lots of sauce mum.  Went to Sainsbury’s with Edon this morning and was very good.  Later she had a friend round but I wasn’t so good then.  What’s wrong with me being the centre of attention then?  When mum picked me up at we played in the garden. It was lovely and warm this morning but it’s a bit cloudy now.  No!  Not the football again mum! 

2019:  So two years ago today I was in Grand Canaria having a ball. A year ago today I was getting ready to fly to Thailand and Australia for a year.  Visa and passport all sorted and ruck sack ready but Crohns had other ideas. 21st May 2018 saw me rolling around in agony and begging for a colostomy bag. I was admitted on morphine, steroids and immuno’s and my travelling plans went out of the window. And there they have stayed as, despite surgery, I am still not medically fit. On the plus side, hanging around here meant I met Zof.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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