May 18th -The Crashes of Life

1999: Up at 6.30 and watched Noddy . Waved mum off nicely from Edons and then wee’d all over her lounge carpet so mum has to go on the hunt tomorrow for some rubbers.  Not quite sure how they’re going to erase that mistake, but still.  They reckon they know best.  When mum picked me up she thought I was  tired, ill or just a plain bully.  She decided on the middle option when I remained grumpy at home, didn’t want anything to eat but just drank lots and lots of juice.  I had some Calpol and watched Tubs on the video. Nanny and Pa had called round and mum left me to wave goodbye to them whilst she went to run me a bath.  Apparently she had got as far as putting the plug in and turning on the taps when she heard the CRASH.  She came running downstairs to find the TV. lying face down on the floor and me stood over by the settee.  It’s very battered and I thought it would help my cause if I told mum it had hit me on my tummy and then my back although I don’t appear to have any marks on either. Well mum usually turns the telly round to point in different directions but it doesn’t ever do that to her.  Life’s so unfair. 

2019: Saturday.  Not that we saw much of the day as slept most of it away. Picked my step brother Kiegan up after work last night, cooked tea and chilled watching TV. Until mums friend came crashing through the door at gone midnight needing a lift home! At least my Tv’s still in one piece! Didn’t get to bed until 6.30am (The irony of 20 years!) after a bevvy or two.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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