May 16th – Grapefruit and Medication Interactions; how to check this out

1999:  In mum’s at 1.45 in my own at 3.00.  Restless?  Who me?  Up at 7.00 – at last.  Used the potty well today.  Played in the garden this morning until Aunty Eesa came round with Dandell and Dessica and we walked over to a local school.  But it’s Sunday!  School was definitely open though – what fun!  There were lots of inflatable things to play on and in and we stayed for two whole hours.  We had hot dogs and fizz (well I had a bite of sausage).  I‘ve also had a marmite sandwich, milky stars and 2 pints of milk.  Oh yeah – and 20mls of Calpol.  I feel hot and my voice is a bit horse (apparently).  Now I know she’s flipped, am I naahing?  Felt a bit miserable later in the day – it was bad enough that mummy wanted to read my book to everyone, without Dessica sitting on my beanbag as well.  I‘ve also shut Dandell’s fingers in the door of my toy ride in car and pushed her over – spilling all her drink.  Oops.  One day I’ll get things right.  Dandell and Dessica went home at 4.30 and mums hoping they’ll visit again one day.  Mum’s changed my bedroom around so I could get lost in the night – let’s hope not!

2019:  Sounds like a usual days food and play to me. Talking about food, this week I found out about grapefruit and grapefruit  juice (which I love) interacting with so many medications including some steroids and antidepressants but the list is huge (calpol is ok though!) What’s worse is mum (being a nurse) knew all about this but didn’t know I liked grapefruit so never bothered to tell me! Orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice can also effect medications.  For more information check out: and check out all your drug interactions and interactions with grapefruit juice.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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