May 14th – Cooking and Crohn’s complications

1999:  In to mums at six and up at 6.15 before the alarm.  We went downstairs for milk and I told mum ‘ bed’ because I knew that’s where she was going and it saved her telling me!  Mum got up again at seven.  While she was putting her make up on, I groomed spot my toy dog with pretend spray and toothbrush.  He looks very smart now.  Tea was a bit delayed as 15 minutes into cooking mum realised the shepherds pies were still sitting on the side and not in the oven where she thought she had put them!  We eventually got tea at 5.45 but I didn’t want any anyway – I was past caring!  (and the fact that the ice cream man had been round earlier!)  I wanted to go on the swing, but mum had had enough of pushing me, so I got on by myself.  It didn’t seem to go very far though. 

2019: How do we wake up so early as kids but have to drag ourselves out of bed as we get older? Perhaps because it all work and no play! Back to the hospital today for eye check up – inflammation has gone and all clear so no need for uveitis screening now, but at least I’m now more aware and know what to look out for. I’m learning more and more about Crohn’s with each day. Didn’t go live at work today due to missed training day whilst at hospital last week but will be doing so tomorrow.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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