May 13th – Garden Days and Mess

1999: When we got to Edons I had done a poo in my nappy, so mum had to give me a quick bum change.  Nan popped in with my inhaler which I had left at hers yesterday.  I wanted to go with her but I had to stay at Edons. Says who?  We drove Hayley and Dan to swimming tonight and mummy met me in the car park.   I greeted her with a smack in the face.  I think she was a bit upset.  Well, that will teach her to leave me all day and then turn up just as the fun is about to begin.  We stopped off at the park on the way home and we saw a man cutting the grass in a sit on mower.  When we got home I made a lovely mess of the garden with the hose.  We had pasta for tea and it was so nice that I had two bowls full.  I made mum laugh with my pasta sauce face and it made me laugh too when I looked in the mirror. 

2019:  Back to work today. Last day of training before I go ‘Live’ at Aviva. Its loads better on my body than building work but I’m still fascinated by lorries, dumper trucks, diggers and ride on lawn mowers. Luckily enough to have used the latter two on our land in Lincolnshire. Also used to ride my motorbike and the car around it which was great fun at such a young age. As you can imagine it was more of a field than a garden! Happy days.

#crohn’s #linconshire #motorvehicles #Aviva #swimming #toddlers #childhood #adulthood #gardens

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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