May 12th – Temper, Temper, Crohn’s and Friends

1999:  I threw and broke my torch this morning and then wanted mum to turn it on.  She said I had broken it, but I kept on with “pease” “pease” “pease”.  So she threw her brush and it hit and broke a bowl.  Temper, temper.  Well at least she cut her finger cleaning up the mess – that will teach her. We had big hugs and made up though before mummy went to work.  Nan picked me up from Edons, but no Bomper today as he has hurt his foot.  I told Nanny off today when she pointed at me and said “yeah”, I pointed back and corrected her with “yes”!  Nanny found this very funny as did mummy when the story was told.  Nan and I walked up to the field with my football but I preferred to watch the lorries going past on the road.  I didn’t want to walk back so Nan had to carry me most of the way.  Tonight I greeted mum with a poo bum and a slap on her hand!  As we went to leave nanny gave me a lolly but it fell off the stick, so she got me another one and the same thing happened!  A day full of accidents

2019: Oh dear. Throwing thigs started at a very young age clearly.  Cannot count the number of phones an controllers I’ve broken over the years (and the toys I’ve destroyed _ was banned from watching Toy Story several times!)  Just had Facebook feed come up from two years ago when Kayleigh an Paige facetimed me because I couldn’t make it out. I was probably skint or glued to the loo! Looking at the colour of me in the pic it was probably the latter.

#crohns #temper #brokenthigs #rfriends #phones #xbox #playstation #toysory


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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