May 8th – Crohns Complications and Puppy Love

1999: Up at 5.30 and wide awake – and so was mum!  She must’ve had an early night too.  I had a poo accident all over mum’s bedroom carpet – I must say she took it very well.  We got to swimming for 9.30 – only to discover it was too early – the big pool didn’t open for another hour so we went for a dim in the baby pool instead and I actually jumped in (with some encouragement from mum).  We went to Aunty Eesa’s and I was a bit scared of daisy dog and they kept telling me she was okay.  They want to be my height with a big fluffy thing nipping at their ankles and see how fine it is then!  Eventually Eesa held her and helped me to stroke her and by the time we left I was okay.  I even laughed when she licked my nose (Daisy that is – not aunty Eesa). 

2019:  AGONY. Rang 111 and mum trying to find emergencey dentist. None have any appointments unless I want to go go private. I’d struggle to pay nhs charges let alone private. Eventually I decided to take myself to A&A at the Norfolk and Norwich and am so glad I did. They were on the ball – this isn’t dental pain It’s my eye – related to Crohns (I know!) My cornea is inflamed and I am now on steroid eyes drops as well as tablets (which I have yet to pick up following last Gastro appt) Got to go back next week for follow up and in a couple of weeks for and Uveitis screening. That would probably explain the sudden pain, blurred vision and light sensitivity. I’m now codeine happy

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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