May 5th – Where’s the Loo?!

1999:   Mum had to go to Cambridge this morning which meant I had to get to Edons by 7.45.  Nan collected me at 11.30 and we went shopping.  Half way round though I had the urge to visit the toilet and said “quick, quick, quick” as, nanny discovered, I have diarrhoea, not great after all the grapes I’d just eaten!  I had two hours sleep today following hours of fun with my friend the hosepipe. Mum was home at six and Nan told her what fun Bomper and I had been having – we were both playing the “mine” game.  Pa rang to say goodnight as he was just leaving Hastings, a few hours drive away, and will not be home to see me tonight.  Mum took me home at 7.00, as we were not getting on too well (like that’s my problem?!) I didn’t settle until nine though as I kept getting a dirty bum.

2019: Dirty bums are more get awayable at the age of 2. Not so much at 22. Good job I have long, fast legs to get me to the throne on time and the awesome toilet finder ap. Skeleton key comes in handy too -although have found a few doors it doesn’t work on.  Another day of Sunday relaxing, cleaning and cooking in our amazing kitchen. Love this place. It was originally derelict and the landlord spent £94,000 doing it up  So happy to be the first people to rent it for the pricely sum of £695 a month

#toilettaining #crohns #toiletfinder #toddlers #childhood #adulthood #renovation #renting #lazy sundays #cooking ##resting

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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