May 4th – Gotta Love a Lie in now (the difference between childhood and adulthood)

1999:  Didn’t wake up until 7.15 this morning, when I found my milk ready and waiting for me.  Mum came in and we had a big hug.  My nappy was only slightly damp and mum was very pleased, and so was I.  When we got to Edons her two were having a lie in and were still in bed.  Personally I can’t ever see me doing that, even if it is school holidays – I might miss something!  Josh arrived just after me, and mum left to my screams and tears.  I was pleased to see mum at 5.00 and couldn’t wait to get out to the car, but when I did I ran back twice to give Edon a big kiss.  It’s so confusing this tooing and froing I just don’t know which grass is greener really!   I didn’t eat much tea, even though it was one of my favourites – tagliatelle and garlic bread. I mostly licked the garlic butter off the bread. Nice treat for Edon tomorrow.

2019: Saturday lie in – they did come eventually but not as much as m teenage years when mum used to threaten me with a cold flannel at 1pm! Chilling and recovery day and  realising that having a partner when you have a chronic illness is tough but being accepted for who you are is what means the most.

#toddlers #childminders #schoolholidays #toilettraining #crohns #chronicillness #saturdays #lieins #growingup #adulthood

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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