May 3rd – Time to Party. May Day Celebrations

1999:  It’s a lovely day and by nine I was out in the garden.  It was great fun; I don’t think the neighbours thought so though.  I stayed dry all morning but I slipped up with the poo.  Mum dressed me in my smart new dungarees from Uncle Teddy and we set off down the alley towards the shops.  There were thousands of pieces of pollen or dandelion or something, and it looked like snow in Spring! We bought some sweets (Sherbet Dib Dab which made a wonderful mess) and then sat on the green waiting for the Carnival!  I kept running backwards and forwards across the green, with arms out stretched to give mum a big hug.  The carnival was really good and afterwards we went to the May Day fete.  I went on the roundabout and the train and I hooked a duck and won a sword.  Breeze F.M. and the ’Blues Brothers’ were there, and mum and I had a bop whilst eating doughnuts.  We left at 2.45 because the sun was very hot, and so were we. I fell asleep in the buggy and didn’t wake up until six – when mum woke me.  We were off to Uncle Teddy’s for a BBQ.  Or so we thought.  We arrived at Teddy’s but there were no signs of anyone!  Mum rang Nan’s and Teddy answered the phone – the Barbie was round there!  I was very excited to see everyone.  I went for a drive in Uncle Teddy’s car and then we had some food. Uncle Teddy was being his usual silly self, and teaching me bad habits – he dropped his shorts and showed me his bum, which was really really funny, especially as he hadn‘t realised that Gary from next door was looking over the fence and saw everything!  Another lovely day, with lots of laughs, fun and hugs. 

2019:  No May day here. Its a Friday, and the end of my first week at Aviva. Im enjoying it but struggling with some things but dyslexia is like that. At least my body has had a break from the heavy labour of building sites. Friday is party night but we are happy just going back to our flat and chilling. Looking forward to The Beats coming out on 17th May though so may have to book a little flick trip. This summers gonna go off!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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