May 1st – Saving Pounds and Gaining Kilograms

1999:  May Day?  What you talking about Maypole?  What’s that then?  Can’t see anything strange around here.  Anyway, I had a lovely day with Pa as Mum’s going to London with Aunty Rita.  Pa and I made bread and after we had finished we walked over to Asda. I pushed the buggy and as I went over the man holes, I pretended they were ‘steps’ like mum goes over in the car which mum calls sleeping policemen, but I never see any policeman let alone sleeping ones.  Pa bought me a toy helicopter and motorbike and when we were at the checkout, I tried to park my bike in the bum of the lady in front of us.  Pa looked a bit embarrassed but the lady found it funny. When we got home Pa let me have the hose on to wash the car and water the plants which I did for 2 hours! When we went to my home this evening, mum wasn’t back, but her car was there, which was very confusing until Nan explained she had gone by train (If I hadn’t had such a great day I would have been jealous by this snippet of information). Told Pa I didn’t want by nappy on tonight but he eventually encouraged me.

2019:  On line chat training today – was ok doing it amongst ourselves this morning but a bit more scary when we went live this afternoon but I am only 3 days in. Long conversation with mum this evening encouraging her that she is making the right move selling their bungalow and downsizing to an apartment to enable them to have more money and live. Whilst they are trying to lose the mortgage pounds I am happy to say that 8 months post surgery I am now a healthy 89kg compared to the 81kg that I was 6 days after surgery (although they had just removed 30cm of my ileum)

NB. I’m sure the term sleeping policemen is no longer politically correct so sorry if this has offended anyone but it was 20 years ago

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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