April 30th – Fight or Flight?

1999:   Had to keep giving mum “another 10 minutes” from the alarm at 6.30.  I gave her four and at 7.10 said ‘up’, very assertively (or was it daringly? either way it worked!))  Didn’t wear a nappy to Edon’s today as I had already done a huge poo – on the toilet of course.  However, things didn’t go quite to plan and when we got back from taking the other children to school, Edon discovered the buggy was soaking!  Have been in the wars today.  I walked into a wall at toddlers and have a lovely bump on my head.  My face is also covered in scratches, but then again so is Jakes and I’m not telling who started it.  

2019:  Seems my fighting days started young. Although nowadays most of my adrenaline surges are anxiety fuelled and I can either hide away from the world for days or get really angry. Glad to say this has settled a lot since meeting Zof and I am trying to be a responsible adult and calm down my primal brain. I am chalk and chees though. Mum always reminds me of the time I was clubbing (about 3 years ago) and got into a fight and the next night I was sat at Ipswich Regent watching The Russian Ballet perform Swan Lak (and how mum and I laughed about the bulge!)

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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