April 28th – Bring Back that Beach Day Fun

1999: – I went to West Mersea today with Nanny, Dandell, Dessica and their nanny and had a lovely day.  I paddled in the sea, but ran off every time a wave came!  We played in the sand and made ‘cakes’ in a bucket.  All the sea air made me very hungry and I ate cheese sarnies, Satsuma’s, a bag of crisps and an ice-lolly.  We played in the park and it wasn’t until on the way home that I slept for a while. When mum came home my favourite words became “no” and “mine”.  Nan told her that I ’had not been like that all day’.  No.  Because this is my Mother Head.  Pa took us home in his van (which I seemed to find far more exciting than mummy)  He had collected mum’s new mattress today and it’s absolutely wicked – I can jump really high now! 

2019: Sunday day of rest. No such chance – I have housework to do. I’m doing the lounge and kitchen and Zof’s doing the floordrobe and bathroom – although she is out for the day so chances are it will be left until next weekend when its my turn to do those rooms! Funnily enough I don’t jump up and down on the furniture anymore although I’m always getting into to trouble for standing on the new sofa

#beach #park #eating #beds #housework #floordrobes #childhood #adulthood #toddlers #growingup

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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