April 25th -Toilet Dilemmas

1999:  Mum was actually wide-awake this morning.  We watched the Lion King and by 7.15 we had cooked breakfast and mum was doing the ironing (amazingly she’s still remembered how to do it!)  We had a bath and then went for a walk over the town – minus a nappy.  I used the toilets at Asda and then mum had to leave me standing in the cubicle whilst she hunted the others for some toilet roll!  Not quite so organised after all!  I’d wet my pants and shorts slightly, so off came the pants and mum had to stand and dry them under the hand dryer.  I walked round Asda like a very good boy and I chose my own bubble bath and tissues.  It is lovely and hot today but my nose is still streaming.  We were home again by 11.30 and I set about demolishing the back garden.  After lunch we went to Aunty Eesa’s and we took twister lollies in for everyone, which made a lovely mess.  Next we went to see Dev and Claire and I sat on Dev’s motorbike which was in his kitchen!  Mummy says she is so glad we don’t have a man about the house! We came home and played in the garden, and mum planted some herbs, which we had bought at the nursery earlier.  

2019:  Really should be used to checking the loo for paper by now – still get caught out – especially when using disabled loo’s and don’t feel the need to shove loads of paper down the loo first to cushion the explosive sound. Hospital today and saw a registrar rather than my consultant which was a good call.  Having another  colonoscopy at the end of the month to try and figure out why Im having so many blockages (which may be caused by narrowing of bowel after surgery). Also they are changing me over to Adalimumab from the previously dreaded Azathiorine. Its been a long week balancing work and the will to be awake, but one more day left of work and then it will be the weekend

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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