April 27th – Play Days and Away Days

1997:  Awake at 5.30 and had to play on my own until 6.30, which I think was a bit rotten of mum.  She was a bit better this morning, well that is until I refused to tidy up my toys.  Had to go to Edon’s with a nappy today.  I chose soup for tea – but didn’t eat it.  At least it saved mum cooking.  Played in the garden, mum’s in much better form and we played ‘Pattacake’ and ball on the swing.  When I was on the swing I had a runny nose, mum went in to get some tissue, but when she came back out I told her it had gone – I’d sniffed it back up!  Pa called round tonight to mow the grass.  I sat on my beanbag watching him through the kitchen door.  Later I slapped and punched mums leg.  She said that if I did it once more I would go to bed.  Well, I had to test it, didn’t?  I did get the chance of a reprieve though – if I apologised.  Not on your Nelly! So off to bed it was.

2019:  Went onto Rooms in Gorleston last night and stayed at Harry’s. Up early with taxi back to Lowestoft, collect car and home. Over to nanny and Pa’s today to see them, Uncle Terry and cousin Beau. Great brunch and then footy in the park this  afternoon. Mum popped over too but left before the footy. Kissed her goodbye and said “see you at home later” and then remembered I’ve moved out

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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