April 26th – Who knows where mums at?


1999 – Not a good day today. Mum woke up with the hump and was banging and crashing around like a demented thing.  She shouted at me for messing up my room with toys, which I do every day, and told me that tonight I could tidy my room.  Would someone please tell her I’m only two?  She had a stomp upstairs as she forgot the phone, then her boots, then her jacket, all of which was my fault of course!  I just stood watching her, nodding and saying yes, every time she shouted!  We eventually got to Edon’s.  Things didn’t improve there, just as we were about to leave for school, she discovered I’d pooed my nappy, so I think I upset her too (and it’s only 8.45!)  When mum came to collect me I got my own back and had hysterics.  I eventually calmed down when we got home and saw that mum had tears too.  We had a hug and I went to play in the garden (safest place I reckon).  I watered mum’s new plants, which are miraculously still alive, I didn’t realise anything grew out here other than weeds.  I made a muddy puddle on the grass and dragged all my toys through it.  I wasn’t really interested in my tea, but I did go and get the potato masher from the draw and mashed the potatoes.  Had a bath and a short cuddle downstairs.  Mum’s still not very happy and so after 2 stories of ‘Peepo’, I was expected to go to sleep, but it was only seven.  I defiantly lay awake until 9.00 when I had to give in!

2019:  Wanting to eat all day, showered and drove to Lowestoft with Zof  after work but the bloomin Chinese buffet was closed! Went to meet mum and Mark at the pub and bought Chinese round the corner and ate at the bar (Thank you Factory Arms) Love Chinese but the tummy doesn’t and am feeling a massive belly on! Asked mum if she is going past hospital to drop off my poo. She suggested I just post it through the door of GP surgery on my way home tonight. Yeah. I’m sure the receptionist will love finding that first thing Monday morning. Jacks 3 day old poo looking up at her from the mat!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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