April 22nd – Windy Dayss

1999:  Not a good day training.  I did such a bad poo that Edon had to throw my pants away!  Things were better this evening though – we went to Aunty Karen’s without any wee’s.  However I did wet in the garden and had to be stripped off and then I made mum and Karen laugh later when I blew off and wee spurted out of my ‘willy’ – my latest word!  Later I also showed mum how I can wee under water and then stop. What is this latest phrase of hers ‘typical boy?’  I played with Agal and later Karen’s lodger John, brought his little boy Jacob round to play too all nuggets and  and we all had nuggets and chips.  Mum was going out and she looked ‘nice’.  But she’s going out without me. Let’s add a bit of Ketchup, fat, snot and wee.  There, that’s better.  I was good though, and waved mum goodbye, then told Aunty Karen my moonbeam story and fell asleep.  I awoke at 11.00 screaming.  Aunty Karen eventually consoled me with juice, and once I’d blown off a few times, I was fine.  Not so sure that she was though.

2019:  Well I have to throw pants away still – and nothing to do with potty training! Easter Monday but back into work for my last week on building site. So looking forward to office toilets next week and not having to run to a blooming portaloo. Started up my chronically_livingcd on insta and I must be tuned in to 20 years ago as ‘Heres to another night with lots of gas brewing under the sheets again’ Poor Zof

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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