March 24th – Shopping, Cooking and Action. Where’s All the Food gone?!

1999: Didn’t want to go to Edons today but mum managed to tempt me, this time by seeing her son Dan. Took action man with me – naked and with yellow paint on his leg.  Mum said “I wonder how that got there?”  She’s so daft. Ran in to see Dan but he told me to go away as he was watching T.V.  I think he had a bit of a mood on, I mean TV can’t be more interesting than playing with me surely?  Ate loads today – pizza and chips and crisps and had chicken and mushroom pasta for tea – from the packet.  Somehow mum managed to burn half of it and undercook the other half!  I settled for a chicken drumstick instead.  I can’t wait until she let’s me loose on the saucepans to give her a few cooking lessons.  We had a flannel fight in the bath tonight, which was great fun and left the bathroom looking like a swimming pool

2019: Cooked last night for Zof et Al and then tried to watch a movie but the kids kept talking and playing around. I can now see where Dan was coming from! Lie in didn’t happen with kids in the house and  had to take them dancing and rugby. All the food I bought on my way in from work yesterday appears to have been devoured. We popped over to see mum and Mark and I was actually quite pleased to have a beef hotpot – she’s come a long way from packet pasta. Mum appeared to find the retelling of my day somewhat reminiscent and familiar.

#actionman #cooking #eating #painting #TV #movies #rugby #dancing #sleeping

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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