March 23rd – TV, Cars and Siblings

1999:  Mum found me lying across her bed at 1.00a.m.  Well, I’d tried to get in but she was taking up all the room and didn’t wake up when I came in.  She pulled me in properly and covered me up, for which she received a sleepy smile. Woke up full of beans and with my rash nearly gone.  Not the Scarlet Fever then! Mum said I could go back to Edons today and on the way there I waved to everyone and one or two people waved back (not as regally as I’d like mind, but a wave none the less). I had good fun today.  Mum says my character is getting more and more colourful each day with my “yeps” and “oh’s” and false laughs.  Tonight I played in the garden and,  after much pleading, mum let me have the hose pipe on to wash my car (amongst other things – including myself).  I wouldn’t mind but I’d be quite proud of her if she washed her car as much as I wash mine.  Mum’s a bit confused because she got a new wash ball for the washing machine the other day as the other 3 had disappeared, now she can’t find the new one.  Oh dear!  I can’t remember where I put it!  I can now get in and out of the bath on my own with my stool.  Mum looks nervous.  I wish she’d lighten up!

2019: 6th day of working, cheek’s a bit better and no brick incidents today. Feeling exhausted what with moving in a week ago today, working all week, stress and Crohns. Forgot we had Zofs brothers and sisters over tonight which was fun but tiring. Still, lie in tomorrow …

#work #building #growingup #siblings #kids #sleeping #cars #toddlers garden #viruses #tv #crohns #autoimmune #moving #washing

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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