March 15th Home Sweet Home

1999:  – Wanted to get up, but mum insisted on staying in bed until the alarm went off and then it was a race to see who got to the alarm first.  It was me.  No snoozing this morning.  I got a penalty for trying to be up so early – mum decided to shave my head, while I drank my milk, but the clippers weren’t fully charged………….. what a shame!!  I got to drink my milk in peace!  Edon reported to mum that my ‘behaviour’ had continued on into today, which I decided to demonstrate when she came to collect me – I threw a toy fire engine across the room and it hit Josh in the face.  Well I don’t want to go home yet; she always comes home from work and spoils all my fun.  But home seemed the only option at this point. In fact I was bundled into the car without a pause for breath.  Once home I played in the garden on my bike, car and in the rabbit run (I can now climb in!).  Only thing missing was the escapee rabbit.  The only other problem was the fact that I can’t actually climb out of the run again, and mum got fed up having to keep lifting me out, and eventually put the covers on. I carried on amusing myself by rolling my football over it from side to side, which was fine, until it got stuck half way.  I decided to climb across the top to get it (well I daren’t call her again) and it all collapsed!  I wasn’t hurt, but mum had to come to the rescue again anyway. 

2019: Packing up my bedroom today, sorting, throwing and storing. Best to do it when mums not here as I’m a thrower and she’s a keeper. I have noticed my box of cars in the loft that I threw out 2 years ago but she has written ‘Keep’ across the box. Not sure who’s going to be doing the reminiscing! My stuffs all loaded in mums car and tonight I went to Zofs to load hers into mine. It’s really happening.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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