March 13th – It’s all going off!

1999: Awoke to discover mum in bed with me.  I gave her a big smile and a kiss.  We cuddled up until seven when Agal, who was in her cot in the same room as us, woke up and Karen came in to get her.  That will be my cue to get up then.  I’m glad to say the rest of the house weren’t far behind.  There’s no point wasting a perfectly good day is there? Having said that, we didn’t have a very good day really – mum and me.  We were both willful and moody.  We walked into Chelmsford to choose my photos.  This was fine, until we had to leave and I chose to head butt the glass in the door twice.  (Well I didn’t want to go – I was having fun watching that other little boy setting off the fire extinguisher- although his mum didn’t seem to see the funny side of it!) Anyway, for my sins – I got put in the buggy and wasn’t allowed to walk!  We went to Boots and mum bought me some brilliant paints (she can never stay mad for long), but I didn’t want to be in the buggy and I certainly didn’t want to be in the shop – so I threw them on the floor.  We went into Next to spend my Christmas vouchers on some trousers, but I didn’t much like it in there either.  Mum bought me a drink and some crisps and pushed me in the fresh air and things got a whole lot better – see I don’t really want for much, it just takes her a while to realise my basic needs of thirst and hunger – and she calls herself a nurse!!!!   She did save me from injury later in the day though – we went to Donals for tea – I had a happy meal but wanted ketchup and so mum went to the counter to get some.  As she was walking back, I twisted on the seat and toppled over backwards.  Everyone let out a gasp; mum ran for the Olympics (and got Gold) and caught my ankle just before my head hit the floor, although I still slithered down with a bang.  Everyone sighed with relief, and realising the seriousness of the situation, I milked it – and cried for a while – but I couldn’t resist my loodaloo for too long!  The customer care man was very nice; he even gave me an extra meal and a chocolate doughnut for my trials and tribulations, which were very yummy.

2019: The fire extinguisher sounds like fun, I’m surprised I didn’t join in with that one (or even think of it myself). Zof came over tonight as tomorrow she is going to sign the tenancy agreement for the flat as she is working on Saturday when mum and I are going. Money all transferred. Exciting days. I wonder if there is a retained fire station in Beccles …..

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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