March 8th Driving Taxi Detours

1999:  As soon as mum made a move to get up I was out of the bed like a shot.  Drunk my milk whilst watching Tubs and later mum dished up Marmite sarnies.  She’s so Cordon Bleu!  Opened the fridge and struggled to lift out Sunny D, which I insisted on pouring myself and spilt all over the floor.  Not a good move so early in the morning.  Mum is definitely not a morning person. Mummy and Nanny both turned up at Edons tonight – how to confuse a boy.   Nan was actually dropping off a borrowed car seat, but she drove off without saying goodbye and I was very upset, and kept on and on and on until eventually mum drove me round to Nan’s, and what a bonus – Pa was there too.  We didn’t stop for long as we had to go and get some Calpol.  When we got home we had to sort the fish out, as their tank has been leaking and mum has bought them a nice new one.  Mum was a bit confused though, because this morning she left a towel next to the leaking tank to soak up all the leaking water and when we got home she found it over the other side of the bedroom.  It doesn’t take that much to confuse her, it doesn’t take that much working out does it!  It’s the gremlins again!  

2019:  Call from Aviva today offering me an interview for Monday. Get in! Went out with Zof and a couple of the boys to celebrate but decided to drive and not drink – trying drastically to self medicate my Crohn’s by not drinking or smoking and vaping CBD oil. Just cant quite cut out the dairy, gluten and spiced food though! Work in progress. We decided to head home early doors, Mum was out with Geri so we went to see if they wanted a lift home …….. and left them dancing! Was taxi service for them later though – loving role reversal.

#chrohns #ibd #toddlers #growingup #fish #parents #cbd #alcohol #dancing


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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