March 7th Moving Around and Moving in

1999:  Mum it’s Sunday. So? had to bring milk back to bed, and at 7.15, mum told me to get up and play with my toys in MY bedroom.  I wasn’t happy but I obliged for half an hour. We drove to Bompers today and on the way into his flat I fell over in a puddle and mum had to change me.  She put my waterproofs on and we walked to a restaurant for lunch, with me splashing all the way. When we arrived mum took off my waterproofs and I continued with my shoes and socks.  What do you mean parmesan?  That just doesn’t go with fish, chips and peas!  I’ll stick to my ketchup thanks.  On the way home mum stopped to buy me an apple and a milky bar, I kept trying with the Smarties but she just wasn’t giving in.  Mum bought some Pastille body parts for herself, but when I saw them we ended up swapping.  Only trouble was, I didn’t like the ears or the arms and wanted to swap back, but mum had already eaten my milky bar!  When we got home mum decided to do the hoovering – I sat on the toilet, on mums bed and my bed, having a drink and watching her.  After mum had finished she fed the fish and dropped the whole pot over the floor.  All I can say is – I’m glad it wasn’t me! 

2019:  So today we got the call for the go ahead – the flat in Beccles is going to be ours. Just need mum to sign paperwork, when its in, as guarantor and we’re all set. We are so excited.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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