March 12th Food Glorious Food

1999;  Mum was already downstairs this morning.  She must have heard me padding across the landing because she came up to get me as soon as I was up.  For breakfast I had a lollipop, bix, milk and juice!  I was in a good mood this morning, I laid down nicely for my nappy, opened the car door (and wound down the window as per my – as mummy puts it – ‘obsessive routine‘) and held my breath whilst mum tried to start the car.  Phew!  It started- and it only took 5 attempts!  I got in to my seat and waited for mum to strap me in and mum says she wishes every morning were as easy as this.  It would get a bit boring though wouldn’t it?  Mum dropped me off at Edons and said that Aunty Karen would be picking me up, which she did.  We drove to Agal’s nursery to pick her up and I fell asleep on the way. Nursery was great though!  Then, when we had Agal, we went to a party that she had been invited to.  I was actually gate crashing, but that was fine by me, I’m an easy going type of chap.  We were meant to be back at Karen’s by 5.30, but got delayed as I was eating. Aunty Karen’s cousin was at hers and I impressed him by saying hello and shaking his hand.  So grown up.  Not so at 7.15 when I started to get tired and was accused of showing off, so we went to bed in Agal’s room.

2019: Job hunting and earning my keep around the house today. List of jobs in the garden forestalled again due to storm Gareth  but I managed to battle it to drive over to Zofs tonight. Left a nice beef casserole in the oven for Mum and Mark though


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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