February 26th Fun times and Depression

1999: – Mum got up 15 minutes before the alarm was due. Was this a miracle?  No, it was me pulling the covers off of her and shouting ‘up, up, up’!  Went to Edon’s for a while this morning and then to Nan’s.  Great Grandad Bomper was there.  Nan called us for our lunch and before I helped Bomper to the table, I cleared all my toys out of his path.  Bomper and Nanny were astounded; they obviously aren’t used to such chivalry.  Nan was trying to keep me up today as mum was coming home early to take me swimming – for a treat.  I was very, very tired though and eventually Nan had to give in and put me to bed.  Ten minutes later mum rang to say she was home!  She let me sleep for a while and then the meanie woke me up for cuddles.  Mum took me downstairs and Pa was there too.  Later I helped Pa make some bread in the machine.  I didn’t really eat any tea, but I did get a party hat out for everyone and made them wear it! If only they knew how silly they looked. 

2019: When life was fun. Another day of job hunting today although my motivaiton is going as is my mood. Managed to stir myself to get over to Zof’s tonight so I can pick up all mums pressies for tomorrow but left her birthday card on her pillow so she will find it tonight

#sleep #depression #unemployment #jobhunting #birthdays #girlfriends

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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