February 25th – Frost, Snow, Sun

1999:  I turned the alarm off onto radio after the second snooze and got shouted at for my trouble, coz mum didn’t ‘want to get up yet’.  Get real; she’s already been up – to get my milk.  I got shouted at a few times this morning!  On another occasion my ball went into mum’s bath and I tried to get it back but got a soaking wet sleeve instead.  What’s the problem?  She can just change it can’t she?  Later, when I had a marmite sandwich I showed mum the mess I had made on the settee and she said not to worry and that she’d sort it out later!  Life with mother is so very confusing.  The car was covered in frost this morning.  I poured some of my juice over the windows, but it didn’t have much effect.  Mum went in to get the kettle instead – at least I tried (and Mum thought my attempts very sweet).  On the way to Edon’s we picked Mark up, one of mums work colleagues and I was not impressed.  I looked down at the floor and occasionally out the corner of my eye at mum, and did not say a word.  This is my time with my mum and there is no room for intruders.  I soon cheered up though when mum told me that Nan would be picking me up and I’d be going to hers for tea.  Which she did – but ‘I COOKED THE PIES’, and very proud of it I was too.  I was merrily eating my tea with Nanny and Pa, when mum sneaked up behind me.  She made me laugh.  Mum joined us for tea and then Uncle Eddy came round too – full house!  I stood on my new stool that pa had made for me and did a big boys wee – standing up! 

2019: Busy day off today – painting the new fire pace, buying wood and getting the fire lit tonight (even if it has been the hottest February day on record – its new and we have to use it). Poor mum, last year she was unprepared for Beast from the East. Even though there was plenty of warning she decided to run down the fridge and freezer for a clean. We ended up with 4  x 20 year old lads, mums friend, mum and Mark snowed in for 3 days with 3 pork chops, oven chips and some mince. Fortunately we had the corner shop and lived on bread, cereal, eggs and bacon and loads of rubbish snacks.  She is completely prepared this year having the wood burner installed on Friday and sending me off shopping today. I picked up some sun screen just in case!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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