February 24th Mishaps and Mischief

1999: This morning I sat on the toilet like a seat drinking my milk, whilst Mum had a shower.  I ended up having one too though as mum dropped the shower head and the water went everywhere.  Mum got the screwdriver out this morning to put batteries in my snort pig, and I haven’t stopped playing with the screwdriver since.  At least I didn’t go near the washing machine.  Mum says I’m a nightmare with tools! She wont be saying that when I’m older and wants me to fix everything though will she?  I also have a bit of a thing about keys and have to unlock the car every morning.  I also keep moving the surround to the Chubb lock around on the front door – it’s very funny watching mum trying to put the key in – until she realises who the culprit is.  When mum picked me up I showed her the games and the toys I’d been playing with, namely frustration.  What does she mean she knows it well? I’ve never seen her play it.  Pa called round tonight to drop off fence panels as the others have nearly gone

2019:  Could only get the fire going once today as mum moaned it was too hot.  I even had to hang washing on the line instead of just sticking it in the tumbler. Chore. Went into town and got tappas for lunch and enchiladas for tea. Even found gluten free tortillas for mum.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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