February 23rd – Fun Days in and Out

1999:  This morning mum left me drinking and jumped in the shower.  5 minutes later I was stood in the shower, following mum having discovered my nappy.  How had she known to look so soon after getting up?  Oh dear I’d left tell tale signs all over her bedroom carpet.  She stayed remarkably calm.  I was full of energy and fun this morning so I went to Edons and mum went back to work. Mum dressed me in a new outfit that Uncle Eddy had bought me. I’m talking in very long sentences now, but no one can understand me.  If they could, I would have told them that my mum had left a plastic strip in my new top, from the label, and that it’s been itching me like mad all day.  After months of red cheeks and dribbling, one of my back teeth is nearly through.  We look every day in the mirror, which makes brushing my teeth far more exciting.  We went to the chippy tonight for sausage and chips, but when we got them home the chips were really awful.  We took them back to the chippy and got an exchange and I ate a grand total of 3!  Still the ride out was fun – mum and I sang really, really loudly all the way there and back

2019:  New wood burner was fitted yesterday so fell asleep to a lovely blaze last night and made it my first job again this morning as soon as I got up. Zof and I went out for a bike ride but weather was deceiving today and the wind had returned despite the very sunny outlook. We bought packet cake mix and ate lots of gooey naughty stuff and kebab for tea. Cozy, lazy, snacky day (I blame it on my childhood) But its ok, I mostly make it to the toilet in time now!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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