February 22nd – Windy

1999:  Feeling better today and things are looking back to normal although mum stayed off from work today as I still have a bit of a runny bum.  The man came round this morning to look at the washing machine – it’s just as well he could work with someone looking over his shoulder; mum’s keeping an extra close eye on her screwdrivers now!  It’s been cold and windy for the past two days but the sun came out for a bit today, so we wrapped up warm and went for a breath of fresh air over the town.  I was happy – I had a ride in the buggy and mum bought me 50 crayons!  How many hands does she think I’ve got exactly?  I guess the extras will make up for all the ones I break.  On the way back from the shops it became very windy again, but mum actually looked quite pleased.  Once home, I discovered why, the sheets were put out on the line, it’s the first time I’ve seen that this year!  I played in the garden wondering in awe what would happen first.  Would the sheets come flying off the line or would the old rickety fence finally take its last tumble.  It was all a bit boring though and everything stayed in place. I’m much better now and mum says that although she doesn’t want me to be poorly, it’s a shame because she will have to go back to work tomorrow, and she’d rather be at home with me.  Sorry mum, but after all this time stuck with you I’ve decided the kids at Edons are far more fun!

2019: Lowestoft pier and amusements – sunny and no wind today. Great fun with Uncle Terry and Beau who are up this way visiting. Beau threw some snapping pops and one hit me in the ear. Its ringing and ringing …………. Out with Zof and the old folks tonight at Spring Tide for our raffle meal out. Lovely – 140z T Bone and Ribs – hopefully my stomach will take it!

#wind #crohns #toddlers #mums #adulthood #food


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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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