February 20th – Bugs and Boredom

1999:  Mum took me downstairs wrapped in a blanket this morning and gave me some lemonade which I promptly threw up all over the settee, and followed this with crying not knowing what the reaction would be.  It was okay – comfort and re-assurance, this is more like it.  I have now realised that it’s not naughty to be sick, you just have to be careful as to where you do it – which can be very difficult considering it’s a gut reaction!  Nan came round with her bicarbonate of soda and took away even more washing.  We’re now down to one quilt, 1 pillow and no pyjamas – between us!  I didn’t do much today other than snuggle up to mum and sleep.  Mum rang the doctors as realised I hadn’t wee’d for over 13 hours (and I thought she’d be pleased).  We went to the doctors, who wasn’t too worried but said if I hadn’t weed by tonight then we would have to go to hospital.  Mum spent the whole journey home begging me to wee.  What now?  In my trousers?  No potty?  Mothers!  Does anyone out there understand them?  Anyway, an hour later I obliged, and it was worth it, mum was so pleased and I had regained some of my energy and my smile.

2019:  Bored bored bored.  X box it is then. Zofs tonight. Have had one call from an agency. Should know more Monday……

#toddlers #mums #illness #childhood #adulthood #work

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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