February 19th

1999:   When mum was in the bathroom this morning I found my toy hammer and went into her room to carry on where we’d left off last night.  I started coughing and mum came in to see if I was alright just in time to see me vomit my milk up all over her newly laid carpet, plus my unlaid teddy bear roll which she’d moved up to her room for safe keeping!  I don’t think she was too impressed but she did feel sorry for me.  She cleaned me off and the carpet up and as I was okay in myself took me to Edons.  I didn’t eat much there today but wasn’t sick anymore, and did have to have an afternoon nap as I nearly fell asleep in my lunch.  At home tonight I helped mum make up her mattress in her bedroom as she’s moving back in tonight.  This time, for extra measures I threw up over the quilt and the carpet.  She definitely wasn’t impressed and the sympathy seems to have gone too.  She can be so hysterical at times.  I’ve just been sick, a mere child needing comfort and reassurance and all she can do is go on about her carpet.  A change of clothes later, and a kiss and make up, we bundled into the car complete with quilt and paid another visit to the laundrette.  What does she like about this place?  There’s only so much you can take of watching machines going around.  Personally I think a night of telly would have been far more exciting.  Mothers!  They do have some strange hobbies.  I went to bed at 8, but was up again at 9 being sick – this time on my own quilt.  Mum cuddled me and made me feel better and then Nanny came round armed full of bicarbonate of soda and got scrubbing on mum’s carpet.  She took all the washing home with her because our washing machine has decided to pack up.

2019: Oh dear. At least I always make it to the loo now! I wondered why we always seemed to be at the laundrette! Tree cutting today in the garden. Conifers are no more. X box and then over to Zofs tonight

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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