February 17th Pancake Mistakes

1999:  Mum came upstairs this morning to find me sitting on the roll of carpet for her bedroom (which was delivered last night) and about to drink a bottle of juice that she had left for me in my bed last night.  It’s all right isn’t it?! You can’t even walk out of your own bedroom now without coming across more carpets. I  had spaghetti bolognaise for lunch which mum managed to guess somehow.  Must’ve been something to do with my white T-shirt that I had on this morning being white and orange striped by the time she picked me up.  We made pancakes tonight – we were only successful with one though as the others ended up in bits either on the floor or in the pan, which I found very funny.  I took our only success through to the lounge, on a plate to take to the table, but instead of it ending up on the table it landed upside down on the settee.  Mum wasn’t amused.  She told me that that was not the table.  Like I didn’t know.  I’m two, not stupid.  Another case of parent child differences; its okay for her to throw them up in the air and drop them on the floor, but when I drop them its wrong!  You just can’t win can you?  And as for the pancakes – well I didn’t like them anyway!  We looked through some photos tonight; I got so engrossed that I gave the settee a drink of wee to wash down the pancake.  And just so my roll of teddy bear carpet didn’t feel left out I baptised that too.

2019: Was supposed to go to friends for breakfast this morning but I decided to stay in bed and let mum, Mark and Zof go on ahead. Was a great night last night ……

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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