February 7th – Listening and Communication

1999:   Mum went to get my milk this morning and, once I had drunk it, she kicked me out of bed and sent me off to play in my bedroom! Mum reckons I was a bit whingy this morning; and who wouldn’t be after such desertion? It didn’t help much when I somersaulted over my cot side and off of my bed.  I was quite brave really, I was more upset that my cot side had fallen off the bed and was desperately trying to put it back, but mum stepped in to help.  We got dressed up to go out to lunch with Bomps, but I didn’t want to put my Thomas the Tank cardigan on.  Mum eventually got it on and then I told her “me hot”.  I like to make her feel rotten – well I did tell her, if only she’d listened in the first place.  She eventually felt my head and said that I did feel hot and had to give me some magic medicine.  I fell asleep on the way to Bompers and awoke, in my buggy in a strange restaurant.  The restaurant only does a Sunday roast but I charmed the waitress and ended up with fish tiddlers and chips!  

2019: Me whingey? I much prefer the charmer bit. But as I’ve always said – if mum would only listen in the first place.  Having said that I’m not much better as I have an appalling memory and can only do one thing at a time. Mums given up verbally asking now and often writes me notes or gets more techno and texts me. Talking of writing, I have agreed for mum to write to my gastro consultant today to let him know I’m not taking the immunosuppressants. I had surgery to remove 30cm of my small intestine in July but had re-ulcerated by November, hence having to go back on these. I’m hoping to get another appointment with him to discuss the options of fortnightly injections instead of tablets as they are lower maintenance – and less for me to remember each day!

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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