January 30th – Getting Mum up

1999:  It’s the weekend! Tried to wake mum by putting the silk roses on her head.  This didn’t quite do the trick so I proceeded with the pulling back the covers and shouting ‘up’ and ‘tea’ routine.  This was followed by the sweet ‘Pease’ request and she could resist no more.  As she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, I ran forwards with her slippers, what a little angel I am.  We went to Nanny and Pa’s this morning to feed the cat as they have gone on their holidays.  I carried the food through from the kitchen to the back room and ended up dropping most of it in Pa’s trainer.  Well I’m sure the cat won’t mind a bit of cheese flavour with it.  Aunty Eesa came round this morning with Dandell and Dessica.  I was a bit grumpy today though and told mummy that my throat was sore which has obviously affected my ability to play and share my toys.  Everything Dandell picked up, I wanted and then later I fell over and grazed my chin and then poked mummy in the eye with my sword.  Mummy was not happy, but I was defiant – I’m ill after all.  On the way back from feeding the cat tonight mummy asked me if I thought we should do the lottery.  I said ‘yes’ and as this was a change from the last 2 days of ‘no’, she thought she’d take a gamble.  Another waste of money.  Why she has to do three lines I don’t know, it’s about time someone told her that you only need one line to win.

2019: Another hard day of loft insulating and now thinking of starting my own business doing this. Sometimes you have to take a leap to take a step forwards. Mum was back home when I got in and we now have an open fire place with a swept chimney. The liner is sound but too small for an open fire so now we have to wait to get a wood burner installed. Hopefully the forecast of snow will stay away until we can all get toasty. Mum was going to make spag bol tonight but I volunteered to do it – I prefer my cooking.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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