January 21st – It’s My BIRFFFDAYYYY

1999:  Well there’s a first, mummy was actually up for the day before me.  I heard her in the kitchen and got up but was met by her coming up the stairs singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and she gave me a big kiss at the top of the stairs.  Help!  Help!  Someone’s stolen my mummy and replaced her with an android but the plots foiled as Mummy’s never up before me and she definitely doesn’t sing at this time of day (or night as she would call it).  This was all confirmed when I said ‘again, again’ and she sang once more whilst carrying me down the stairs.  On second thoughts, perhaps it is my mum; no one else could possibly sing that badly.  I soon jumped down when we got to the lounge as the whole of the settee was covered in balloons.  Even more surprises were to be found underneath and in-between the balloons – lots of presents and cards.  Did my mum really think of this, all on her very own?  I like this mummy.  She can stay.  Even her present was lovely; a bump and go Noo Noo; I liked it so much I took it to Edons with me.  When we arrived we were greeted by more singers, all singing to me!  I’m enjoying this only an hour and a half into the day and I’ve been the total centre of attention.  I have a feeling this is going to be my kind of day.  I only went to Edons for the morning and mummy picked me up after lunch.  When we got home Nanny was there making lots and lots of sandwiches, she’d also made lots of cakes this morning and was helping mummy to get organized.  I don’t know, if it wasn’t for my Nan and me, mummy would never get anything done.   Friends arrived and they all brought presents with them.  We had lots of food and lots of fun and then mummy brought in a cake with candles and everyone sang to me yet again.  All right, all right, enough’s enough; this stardom’s getting a bit tedious now (I love it really!) What a wonderful day – 22 cards, lots of pressies, friends, food and fizz and I’m two at last; now I have an excuse to be terrible – what child could ask for more.?

2019:  Happy Birthday to me! Mum told me not to work today but I want my £85 so I headed off but left my lunch in the car port on the way out. Its not now there so hopefully it was someone who really needed it. Once at work I realised Id also left my tools at home. And then just for the third thing I left the van keys in the van and it locked itself. £100 pound later ………………. That’s all my birthday money gone then. Zof has bought us a trip to Budapest and the boys are coming round tonight for Chinese.

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I may do stupid things and make light of them but deep down there’s a reason and I love exploration, even if I cannot fully understand the outcome!

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